July 17, 2011

AT&T Serious about Prepaid Smartphones

Prepaid smartphones present a lucrative market, which the cell phone companies have been slow to take notice of. Originally, the CEOs of cell phone companies thought that the only people who would be interested in prepaid service were cell-phone-hating elderly people. However, prepaid service turned out to be popular with all types of cell phone users. Finally, the prepaid market is beginning to get the type of respect it has long merited. It was the iPhone that drastically changed people's perception of smartphones. Pre-iPhone, smartphones were the toys of a rich business people. Post-iPhone, everybody wants a touchscreen smartphone. Even though it was the iPhone that generated all the interest in the first place, the entire smartphone market has benefited from the effect.

July 13, 2011

AT&T Prepaid Data Packages

Without any data package, accessing the internet on your AT&T prepaid phone will cost you $0.01 per 5KB, which is rather expensive. It's still cheaper than their old pay-per-use rate of $0.01 per every kilobyte. However, AT&T offers several data packages for its prepaid phones that can help save you money. None of the data packages are available on the $60 per month plan. Each of the three data packages (10MB, 100MB, and the 500MB packages) can be added to any of AT&T's prepaid plans. Below is more information about the data packages for its prepaid service as well as it's new unlimited plan that includes unlimited data for non-smartphones.

iPhones and Blackberries: iPhones can't access the Internet on prepaid. Blackberry devices are hit or miss.

AT&T Prepaid Plans

AT&T has recently revamped their prepaid plans again! They've gotten simpler and more competetive. The $60 plan and the $75 plan have both been replaced by the $50 plan (unlimited talk, text, and web)! Below is the offering of current rate plans...

December 1, 2010

When an AT&T Prepaid Data Plan Will NOT Save You Money

Believe it or not, there are times when purchasing a data package will NOT save you money. But they can also save you quite a lot. Data packages will not save you money when

How Much Does AT&T Charge to Use the Internet on Their Cell Phones?

AT&T Charges for Data, Not Time

Understandably, many people believe that they are charged by the amount of time that they are on the Internet. However, AT&T does not charge for the amount of time that you are on the Internet. Instead, AT&T charges for the amount of data that gets transferred to your phone during a single Internet session.