September 24, 2009

AT&T Internet Set up for the Sciphone, Hiphone, i9, CECT i68

Do you need to see this tutorial for T-Mobile?

Everything is in Chinese? Download and install Opera Mini!

If you purchased one of the iPhone clones (lately coming in plus and mini versions like the i9+ or the i68 mini), then you've probably been frustrated if you've ever tried to set up the Internet on that phone. In this tutorial, I show you how to set up the Internet on your iPhone clone for AT&T cellphone service.

Haven't Bought One Yet? ... Then Don't!

Before I begin, let me say that even though I have created a tutorial showing how to set up the internet on iClones, I am not recommending that anyone buy one of these iPhone look-alikes. Actually, I recommend you buy phones only from reputable manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, or Apple. In another article here, I provide several reasons why you should not buy a fake iPhone.

If you're already an AT&T customer, consider getting the LG Thrive, which is marketed as a prepaid Android smartphone. But, whether you are a prepaid customer or not, you can put your AT&T SIM card in it. Beware that non-prepaid customers will automatically have a smartphone data package added to their account if you ever access the internet with it.

But if you already have one of these fake iPhones, then I hope this tutorial helps you get your internet working.

Beware Unexpected Internet Charges!

Oh, and one more thing. If you don't know what you're doing, you can end up with a phone bill that is several hundred dollars more than you expected. In general, you should be okay as long you don't spend too much time on the Internet, don't watch any videos, look at a lot of pictures, or download more than one or two games games. Still, you shouldn't do much on the Internet unless you're familiar with how it will charge you. You should call your carrier for information about this.

Let's Get Started...

Well, we'll have to do two things: (1) create a GPRS data account, and (2) create and activate a WAP profile.

  1. Create a GPRS Data Account for AT&T

  2. Create And Activate a WAP Profile for AT&T

And that should be all there is to it. If you live in the United States and if AT&T is your cellphone provider, then you should be able to access the Internet now. However, if you have any problems, please check out the troubleshooting section below.


  • When I try to connect to the Internet, I get the error message "GPRS Not Subscribed."

    SOLUTION: Click here.

  • When I click on WAP, I get an empty screen or the error message "Please Wait" for few seconds and nothing else.

    SOLUTION: Make sure that you have a SIM card in the phone.

Well, I hope that this tutorial helped somebody out there. Please feel free to leave comments or questions.


  1. THANK YOU! yes I was so frustrated, and getting the wrong info everywhere, then I found your tutorial and it worked perfect! I am online, thanks again

  2. Thanks, got it going without a hitch. however all of you expecting your new iclone to be like an iphone SURPRISE it's not. web browsing is kinda crappy, the graphics are kinda crappy. no zooming capabilities. camera is kinda crappy. over all its just kinda crappy but not totaly. if you had never seen an iphone then you would be on cloud 9, unfortunatly I have an iphone too im not mad because it was cheap but im left feeling alittle empty inside. iphone, iclone, but I rock!!! Ted rules!

  3. Hello,

    My fake iPhone was given to me as a gift so I figured I would play around with it. I had managed to get everything set up but the proxy and the port. Thank you for the information. Just one more thing though, would you know how to set up the email on it?

    Thanks ahead of time.

  4. Hi KY,

    I can TRY to help you with your email. You may contact me at for further assistance.

  5. data account already set at wireless LAN
    seems to be stopping me from getting on
    the net.

  6. You seem to have a phone that has wifi, which I don't have. So, I really don't know how to help you, although, if you follow my instructions, then your active WAP profile should reference the proper GPRS Data Account and that should be all that is needed. However, if you are in a wifi hotspot, the phone may switch to wifi, which is actually better.

    But, honestly, I just don't know as I don't have a wifi capable phone. Sorry.

  7. There is not a "Service" icon on my menu. How do I get it? Att has already done all that they can and I have the data package.

  8. if your phone does not have an "Service" icon, then look for an icon called "Network."

  9. do u happen to know the MMS settings for ATT

  10. Hi! I have a chinese Iphone but I cant access the internet. My network is cingular. I did all the steps in the video but at the end when I put to activate profile I can get the check mark... I cant access the wi fi and either the internet.
    I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot

  11. have no service on my i9 with att can any one help me

  12. hi i followed all your steps but its still not letting me get on the internet... please help?


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