September 23, 2009

You CAN Purchase and Manage Answer Tones With Your Motorola c168i on AT&T

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If you have the Motorola c168i and if you use AT&T as your cell phone service provider, then you've probably encountered a strange error whenever you've tried to purchase or manage answer tones. Well, I'm going to show you how to get around this problem. The error probably looked like something below:

HTTP loader info
HTTP Error - Not Found.

This is a page not found error. It's telling us that the page at does not exist. The good news is that this is not a problem with the phone. You still can manage or purchase answer tones with your Motorola c168i, and that's exactly what I'm going to show you how to do in this tutorial.

This error is the result of some sort of coding problem on the medianet server. MediaNet appears to recognize the different model phones that access it, and it creates customized pages depending on the model phone. For whatever reason, whenever a Motorola c168i accesses MediaNet, it produces a bad link to the answertones page. Once the correct link is entered into the Motorola c168i, the phone is able to navigate to the correct answertones page where you will be able to manage and purchase answer tones.

Well, let's get to the answer tones page.

  1. Pull up the main menu and click on Media Net

  2. Click on Go To URL
  3. Enter in the correct URL:
    (You must type it exactly as you see it. Make sure that the slashes lean in the correct direction. Where I have typed a lowercase letter, you must type a lowercase letter. Where I have typed an uppercase letter, you must type and uppercase letter. There can be no spaces in the URL.)
  4. Press the silver center button.
  5. You should now be at the Answer Tones page.
  6. Click Options, then click Add Bookmark.
  7. Press the silver center button to save the URL in your web shortcuts.
  8. Purchase or manage answer tones as needed.

From now on, whenever you need to purchase or manage answer tones, you'll be able to access the answer tones page through your phone's web shortcuts feature. Below are the instructions for this.

  1. Pull up the main menu and click on Media Net.
  2. Click on Web Shortcuts.
  3. Click on Answer Tones.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. Please fill free to leave comments or questions.

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