September 23, 2008

My Privacy Policy

Because I Serve Google Ads I Must Have a Privacy Policy

Unless you're using ad blocking software, I'm sure you've noticed the big ads I have on my webpages. Currently, those are Google ads. And Google requires that I have a privacy policy because I use their ad service AdSense.

What Google Wants You to Know

First of all, Google wants you to know that I am using Google, a third-party (not you and not me), for my ad service. If I later used other ad services by other companies, I would need to let you know about that as well.

Second, Google wants me to tell you that Google (and their partners) uses the DoubleClick DART cookie to determine what ads to serve you.

Third, Google wants you to know that you can opt out of the DoubleClick DART cookie by visiting Google's own privacy policy page.