August 9, 2010

Download and Install Opera Mini on Your Fake IPhone

What is Opera Mini?

Opera Mini is a Java application that functions as a web browser for cell phones. It's definitely better than the browser that comes built into any of the fake iphones. In this article, I show you how to download and install it.

What Are Some Advantages to Using Opera Mini?

It allows you to have a richer browsing experience on the Internet with your cellphone. Here are some advantages:

  • Allows touchscreen phones to use easy "finger-scrolling."
  • Zoom feature lets you zoom out to view the entire web page or zoom in to view the section you're interested in. (versions 4.2 and up)
  • All Web requests are pre-processed by Opera's servers, which means your phone uses less data and which makes it possible for your phone to view web pages designed for computers.
  • But, perhaps the biggest advantage is that with Opera Mini web pages won't automatically display in Chinese on your i9, i68, p168, kao8 or whatever kind of Chinese iPhone clone you have.

Okay. I'm Interested. How Do I Download and Install It?

There are seven basic steps:

  1. Creating and activating a WAP profile,
  2. Setting up Java to use the correct WAP profile,
  3. Connect the phone to the PC via the USB cable,
  4. Navigating to the download page,
  5. Choosing an appropriate version of Opera Mini,
  6. Downloading it, and
  7. Installing it

1. Creating and Activating a WAP Profile

For those of you who have already managed to get the Internet working on your phones by watching my videos or by following my guides here, I've got good news: you get to skip this step!

For those of you who have NOT already done so, this is going to be the most difficult part of the process. If you live in the United States and have AT&T service, then watch this video. If you do not live in the United States or if AT&T is not your cellphone service provider, then follow the STEPS in the video, but use the SETTINGS for your cellphone service provider in your country, which you can get either here or here.

2. Setting up Java to Use the Correct WAP Profile

Once you have created and activated a WAP profile on the phone, you'll need to let your Java applications know to use it. This isn't too difficult, and I have a video showing how to do it.

3. Connect the Phone to the PC Via the USB Cable

If you don't know how to do this already, you can watch this video tutorial. Connecting the phone to the PC via the USB cable will allow you to download the file directly to the phone or its memory card, OR it will allow you to transfer the file to the phone after having downloaded to the computer.

4. Navigating to the Download Page

This is the easiest step. Simply click here.

5. Choosing an Appropriate Version of Opera Mini

You cannot use any of the versions that list a specific operating system out to the right in parenthesis, all of which I have highlighted in red. You may try any of the generic versions (the ones NOT highlighted in red), but I think you will get best results with version 4.2 (which is highlighted in blue only because my mouse was hovering over it at the time).

6. Downloading Opera Mini

After you have selected the version...

  1. Click on the "view download link" button,
  2. Choose the language that you would like Opera Mini to use,
  3. Click on the JAR file link (it is the second one...the one with the red arrow beside it in the graphic below), and
  4. Save the can save it either:
    • Directly to the phone or its memory card, or
    • To your computer and then transfer it to the phone or its memory card.

7. Installing Opera Mini

This involves four steps:
  1. Using the phone's file browser, navigate to the Opera Mini JAR file that we just downloaded / transferred to the phone,
  2. Tap on the file,
  3. Tap on INSTALL, and
  4. Follow any on-screen instructions.


  1. after creating and activating the ATT WAP profile, I cant pull it up in Java settings.

  2. i just want to question if my n99y+ clone chinese cellphone can have java software and read the opera mini!

  3. Hi i need help, i can't access eMSN on my iphone I68 anymore this since august 2010.

  4. Hi there, i followed your instructions with my Sciphone i68 4G and the browser is in you know how to fix this?

  5. hi !

    on what sim does the opera mini required??


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