July 13, 2011

AT&T Prepaid Data Packages

Without any data package, accessing the internet on your AT&T prepaid phone will cost you $0.01 per 5KB, which is rather expensive. It's still cheaper than their old pay-per-use rate of $0.01 per every kilobyte. However, AT&T offers several data packages for its prepaid phones that can help save you money. None of the data packages are available on the $60 per month plan. Each of the three data packages (10MB, 100MB, and the 500MB packages) can be added to any of AT&T's prepaid plans. Below is more information about the data packages for its prepaid service as well as it's new unlimited plan that includes unlimited data for non-smartphones.

iPhones and Blackberries: iPhones can't access the Internet on prepaid. Blackberry devices are hit or miss.

The 10 MB Data Package

The 10 MB data package costs $5.00 (and replaces the old 1MB package, which cost 4.99). Ten megabytes equals 10,240 KB. At the pay-per-use rate of one cent per 5 kilobytes, that would cost you $20.48. So, the 10 MB data package saves you $15.48 ($20.48 - $5).

The 100 MB Data Package

The 100 MB data package used to cost $19.99, but has been reduced $15.00. One hundred megabytes equals 102,400 kB. At the pay-per-use rate of one cent per 5 kilobytes, that would cost you $204.80. So, the 100 MB data package saves you $189.80 ($204.80 - $15).

The 500 MB Data Package

The 500 MB data package costs $25.00. Five hundred megabytes equals 512,000kB. At the pay-per-use rate of one cent ($0.01) per 5 kilobytes, that would cost you $1024.00. So, the 500 MB data package saves you $999.00 ($1024 - $25).

Unlimited Data on the $50 Plan

Non-smartphones can now enjoy unlimited web access as part of AT&T's new $50 unlimited talk, text, and web prepaid plan. Smartphone users can have unlimited talk and text on the $50 plan, but they will need to purchase one of the above data packages in order to access the web on it.

The 1 MB Data Package (DISCONTINUED)

The 1 MB data package, which was $4.99, has been replaced with the 10MB package.

The 200 MB Data Package (DISCONTINUED)

This data package was available only on AT&T's $75 per month prepaid plan, which includes unlimited talk, unlimited messaging, and 200 MB of data. But this rate plan, and therefore this data package, has been discontinued. (Of course, those on it can stay on it, but they should consider switching to the $50 unlimited talk, text, and web plan. However, that plan, while it allows unlimited web surfing for non-smart phones, doesn't allow smartphones data access at all; so, smartphone users who are on this plan should consider switching to the $50 plan and adding the 500MB data package for $25 dollars (this will still be $75 per month but will get you an extra 300 MB of data for your money.


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