Almost all, if not all, links that lead you away from my site, take you to websites where you can buy things. If you buy things while at that website, I probably get a commission or remuneration of some sort. I may also display banners or ads for other companies. I may get money for you clicking on the ad or I may get commissions if you buy something from the site the banner links you to. That is how I make money online. To the best of my knowledge, there are three things I do that could affect your privacy:
  1. I utilize several site statistics tools that track my site statistics. They can record various things like your operating system, what browser you are using, how big your monitor is, what city and country you are located in, your IP address, and maybe even more stuff. I use the tools to track what countries my site's visitors are from and how many people are viewing my site. Almost every website out there on the Web uses the same or similar tools, so, if you are using the Internet, sorry, that's the way it is.
  2. I am an Amazon associate and I frequently display Amazon.com ads or links to specific product pages at these websites. I do this to (possibly) earn commissions should you buy something after clicking on one of my links or ads. Amazon.com uses cookies to track various information and you can learn more about that here.
  3. I may serve Google Adsense Ads. Google, like any other company I might display ads for, is a third-party (not you and not me). Google and their partners use the DoubleClick DART cookie to determine what ads to serve you. You can opt out of the DoubleClick DART cookie by visiting Google's own privacy policy page.